Those queuing and waiting in the scorching sun are the first carnival in China

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If you've participated in the flash sale of Apple's new products, or queued up to buy Air Jordan and yeezy limited edition shoes, you won't be unfamiliar with the hot atmosphere of pop up store activities. Hundreds of users lined up in a long queue, full of tension, can't wait to get started with the latest flagship one plus six. All over the world, people from all over the world have participated in this feast to feel the atmosphere of gathering because of their love.
Unique "one plus phenomenon";
Recently, one plus six offline pop up events were held in 26 cities in 11 countries, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. According to one plus mobile social media data, more than 15000 people participated in the event worldwide, which was warmly welcomed by users. In Germany, some users have been waiting for a full 17 hours. In New York pop up, the first users to come to the scene have waited for 11 hours. In Bangalore, India, consumers' enthusiasm for one plus six has even made them forget the fact that they are queuing in the rain.

In Bangalore, India, thousands of people lined up in the rain to buy a plane
It is worth mentioning that the pop up flash store activity of Yijia has been carried out abroad before. At present, domestic users have not formed a forming cognition of its "flash store activity". This is the first pop up held in China. Relying on its strong influence on users, Yijia has attracted a large number of fans to queue up to buy. This is a rare new experience for domestic consumers. After all, the domestic queuing up to buy new mobile phone products only happened to fruit powder in the past, which is rarely seen in domestic mobile phone manufacturers. However, Yijia has achieved this goal, and its unique "one plus phenomenon" has been formed due to the global popularity;.

Once pop up was introduced into China for the first time, it triggered a large-scale queuing boom
Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia, also said on social media: "this is the largest and most influential worldwide pop up event ever held by Yijia mobile phone. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of global users, Yijia is growing rapidly. ”
In fact, the pop up event has been held for four years. As early as 2015, Yijia mobile phone first launched pop up store activity in New York Times Square, which attracted a long queue of local users. Since then, every pop up store event launched by Yijia mobile phone has attracted a large number of users around the world to rush to buy. After four years of development, pop up store activities have become a tradition of one plus, and the upsurge of global users queuing up to buy new machines has gradually evolved into a unique "one plus phenomenon";.
Only make high-quality products
Both at home and abroad, Yijia shows its unique charm. In fact, the "one plus" phenomenon revealed by pop up is the inevitable result of its long-term adherence to the high-quality line.
One is that there are few enterprises in the Android mobile phone camp who insist on launching only one or two flagship products each year. Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia mobile phone Co., Ltd.
As the largest product manager of Yijia, Liu zuohu says he can't stand the products with "average appearance and average performance". &"I'm really not good at making a product with a preset product cost in a card slot, which is not in line with our product concept. Every time I plan and add products, I always think about how to bring the best technology and technology to you. What I like and pursue is always high-quality products. &Liu zuohu said at the one plus six press conference.
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