In the face of artificial intelligence, ten thousand words I love you is better than one I understan

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When I was a child, the most common sentence I heard from my parents was: "you don't understand! You'll understand when you grow up. ”
With my intelligence quotient of five years old, I translate this sentence into: get out of here.
My heart is not satisfied, adults judge a thing's logic, can't really explain to children? A sense of humiliation arises from being treated as mentally retarded...
This kind of thing happens repeatedly in life. For example, after many years, a sister looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "you don't understand! And then turn around and disappear into the sunset, the Maserati. Left me pushing my bike silently, I can't miss it.
Many years later, I found this fact: your friends, relatives, lovers, people you cherish and rely on, when he says "for you! &You don't understand! &Listen to me! &Most of the time, it's because you can't give you an explanation that makes you understand and believe.
Have you seen et? Communication between two people is no easier than that between a person and an alien. You can savor...

However, I want to say after all:
It is better to say "I love you" than to say "I know you";.
It's our instinct to try to understand. In fact, it's hard to understand a person; it's hard to understand an artificial intelligence.
In the next five minutes, we will discuss two science fiction questions
1. Is it possible for us to understand every decision of AI?
2. If so, how do we understand AI?
Xing Xinyu
Xing Xinyu is today's master. This professor at Penn State University, working with Jingdong security, is trying to use algorithms to explain every decision of AI. (as for why it is cooperating with Jingdong security, you will understand it when you see the back.)
  Let's ROCK
1. Can we really understand AI?
First of all, correct the misunderstandings of most people
If you think that people can understand every decision made by AI as well as they can understand & quot; 1 + 1 = 2 & quo. So congratulations, please pay attention to the light black technology and continue to clock in tomorrow.
In fact, most of the decisions made by artificial intelligence are incomprehensible to human beings. Even the scientists who made them the AI's "Mom and Dad" can't understand.
You might say, Nani? How can you not understand the man-made things?
For example, when our ancestors invented drilling wood for fire, they didn't really understand the principle of combustion. First use, then understand, this is the law of our understanding of the world.
Take an example that most people know:
Alfagou, the most famous AI go master.
In the specific game, the scientist's father only set a goal for him to win the game, but he did not stipulate that the afar dog must follow the human routine. Of course, it is precisely because of this that it is possible that & quot; green is better than blue & quot; and destroy Ke Jie's big chess dregs.
The decision-making process of artificial intelligence is just like this man drawing a picture. Onlookers will feel "inexplicable" throughout the whole process. You won't realize it until the last second.
The conclusion is as follows
From a certain point of view, the level of artificial intelligence has exceeded the human brain too much. How to understand artificial intelligence (AI) is actually an international problem.
If you just play chess with AI, if you don't understand, you won't understand. However, AI is becoming more and more popular. This thing that we can't understand begins to surround our life. Just like a friend, he always wears a mask to talk to you, which makes people feel numb when they think about it.
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