Operation manual of ztd-3120tu & 8600tu series products

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"Concise air conditioning design manual (3rd edition)" on the basis of version 2, according to the latest standards revision, and comfort to the human body, air quality, PM2.5, cooling load calculation, air treatment equipment, evaporation cooling and liquid desiccant, air supply, radiation air conditioning, air conditioning water system, clean air conditioning, smoke and architectural energy saving, energy-saving design of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems control standards, energy consumption calculation, the contents of building energy efficiency and green building assessment conducted a comprehensive rewrite.In addition, the chapter of "cooling and heating sources of air-conditioned buildings" was added.

This manual can be used as a reference for hvAC designers, as well as for students doing course design or graduation design.


Chapter 1 Basic Knowledge of air conditioning

1.1 Properties of wet air and enthalpy chart

1.2 Application of enthalpy and humidity chart

1.3 Indoor thermal environment and comfort

1.4 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

1.5 Design parameters of indoor and outdoor air conditioners

1.5.1 Design parameters of outdoor air conditioning

1.5.2 Design parameters of indoor air conditioning

1.5.3 new air volume

Chapter 2 Calculation of air conditioning load and determination of room air supply capacity

2.1 Basic principle of air conditioning load calculation

2.2 Introduction of cooling load calculation software for air conditioning

2.3 Simplified calculation method of air conditioning cooling load

2.4 Moisture loss in air-conditioned rooms

2.5 Cooling load of the air conditioning area of the building, cooling load of the air conditioning system and cooling load of the air conditioning source

Chapter 3 Air conditioning systems

Chapter 4 Equipment for heat and humidity treatment of air

Chapter 5 Air duct design and indoor air distribution

Chapter 6 Air - regulated water systems

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