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Recently, a live network short video platform has seriously affected the physical and mental health of teenagers due to the dissemination of vulgar and bad information involving minors. The state cyber information office, together with other departments, jointly interviewed the person in charge of the platform according to law and regulations, put forward serious criticism and ordered comprehensive rectification.
As soon as this news comes out, like many netizens, the author is also clapping his hands. My son is in primary school, from time to time begged me to buy him a mobile phone. Has not promised, it is not to save money, but afraid of the network of messy things, bad children's audio-visual.
There is a point of view that children today are all Internet aborigines and are destined to contact the Internet earlier than the previous generation and need the Internet more. It is better to let them learn how to swim in swimming. If this statement is to be established, it needs a premise that those smoky and unhealthy information can be blocked in time, and the platform that disseminates contents harmful to the physical and mental health of minors can be severely attacked. This is from the perspective of regulation, so from the perspective of the supply side, what needs to be done?
In this rectification, there is a sentence worth noting in the statement of the platform & mdash; & mdash; to guide the algorithm with correct values. In other words, many live short video platforms used to guide algorithms are not the correct values, but to push content according to the needs of the society & mdash; & mdash; and not the noble demand & mdash; & mdash. Nowadays, the consumption of netizens is diversified. When attention becomes a kind of resource, any kind of hobby can give birth to corresponding supply.
We look at all kinds of live broadcast platforms. The Internet celebrities with high click through rate often have the following characteristics. First, it has extreme characteristics, which is very strange. In front of the camera, they are either very beautiful, or very ugly, or not surprising, or play subversion.
Second, they have a strong desire to express themselves. I haven't heard of any network celebrity halo lens. Exaggeration is incomparably superior to all, modesty and prudence are not among them. It is called frankness, but in fact it lacks details.
Third, the preservation period is short and the substitution is high. Groups of Internet celebrities come out quickly and disappear quickly, which means that the superficial things can only catch the eye for a while.
It's not easy to make our cyberspace clean, but we have to do it no matter how hard it is. On the one hand, it is necessary to demarcate the red line for the content suppliers and change the practice of blindly catering to the demand. On the other hand, to use the words in Shuo yuan is: "if you live with a good person, if you enter the room of Lanzhi and don't smell its fragrance for a long time, you will be transformed into it. Living with a villain is like going into a Abalone Restaurant. If you don't smell it for a long time, you will also change with it. &"I hope you will often enter Lanzhi's room, and seldom or never enter Abalone Restaurant.
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