Why Jingdong? Sogou Wang Xiaochuan tells the secret!

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In the era of fragmented mobile Internet, users have become dispersed. With the changes in the PC market, people's demand for desktop products is gradually reduced. As a high-quality e-commerce platform, Jingdong insists on formulating new products for brands through Jingdong empowerment, so as to align brands with market demand, so as to improve consumer satisfaction. Recently, JD 618 global Mid Year Shopping Festival has opened. Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Dell, Seagate, iqiyi intelligent, Intel, Kingston, AOC, Sogou, NVIDIA, Seagate, GoPro, Haman and other brands call for Jingdong 618. We can see that the service providers of Jingdong are different. How does Jingdong win the trust of brand manufacturers?
The author believes that the reason why brand manufacturers rely on Jingdong is closely related to Jingdong's high-quality user group resources. As a high-quality shopping platform recognized by consumers and trusted by brand manufacturers, Jingdong currently has more than 200 million high-quality user groups. Through the big data mining and analysis of JD, it can accurately analyze the core demands of users for products, so as to help the brand align with the market 。 And JD big data can also apply the data accumulated online to the offline Jingdong home, achieving the integration mode of online and offline, and bringing consumers a "immersive experience". This is one of the reasons why many brand manufacturers value it.
On the other hand, with an open attitude, Jingdong also provides brand manufacturers with the ability to enable "reverse customization". For example, in this year's Jingdong 618, Jingdong launched a 10 billion enabling plan. Lenovo and HP have successively carried out strategic cooperation with JD. Their latest game books, the "Lenovo Savior y7000" and "shadow spirit generation 4", were launched on the same platform of JD. In fact, this is not the first time that JD has cooperated with brand manufacturers. As early as 2015, JD began to promote reverse customization of brand manufacturers. With the help of JD, brand manufacturers have achieved amazing sales volume, verifying the effect of JD reverse customization mode and enabling brand products.
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