Kwai confirmed the acquisition of Acfun A station will remain independent brand.

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Kwai tat, a short video website, responded to the first line in June 5th morning, in response to the bullet screen comments website Acfun (hereinafter referred to as A station).
The Kwai has confirmed that it has completed the overall acquisition of Acfun. In the future, A station will maintain its independent brand, maintain its independent operation, maintain its original team and develop independently. The Kwai will also give A station strong support in capital, resources and technology.
In addition, Liu Yanyan, CEO of station a, also said to Tencent technology that the news is true and can finally be said to the public today.
At the beginning of this year, station a experienced many disturbances, such as closing the station and being unable to visit. It was reported that Alibaba resumed its normal operation only after it got the support of Ali department. However, it was later reported that Alibaba gave up its holding plan of station a and turned to the headlines of today.
But in fact, according to the first line, Kwai has always been one of the potential financing side of A station.
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